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Bespoke Digital Solutions by Znexx Designs Limited

We build simulations that virtually replicate facilities and equipment. This enables asset owners and operators to remotely monitor, explore, train, test and analyze various operational scenarios without exposure to risk.


We create immersive and
non-immersive VR experiences with interactive environments for diverse purposes.

Digital Twin

We can virtually ingest and analyze live stream data to predict possible performance outcomes of a physical equipment.

About Znexx

Now, you have access to digital solutions for Remote Asset Management and Capacity Development.

We guide our clients in developing their scope, extracting requisite data for development and integrating clients input at critical stages of development through milestone reviews. Also, we rapidly modify and update clients digital assets to ensure that our solutions remain evergreen.

Our products and services covers, but not limited to the following areas:

“ZNEXX was established to enable organizations create bespoke digital solutions, on-time and on-budget”

What We Do

We provide a range of services designed to support clients asset management goals and ensure their workforce are safe and operationally ready at all times.


Satisfied Clients

ZNEXX products and services are driven by clients peculiar needs. Our primary objective is to improve operational efficiency by clearly identifying challenges, and developing apt solutions to overcome them.


Qualified Team

Our specialized team consist of Engineers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Software Developers, cohesively working together to give you the service you deserve.

Our Services

We Provide you Bespoke Services

Our solutions effectively prepares clients workforce for field work through simulated procedures, thereby optimizing production and improving situational and safety awareness.


SIMulated ACtivities is an immersive or non-immersive VR software that allows users to interact in a virtual replica of a physical asset.


Visual Asset Management is a tool that utilises 360 degrees images for facility management.


Remote Condition Monitoring and Control is a digital twin solution driven by IIoT and AI.


Devcom Process Simulator is a software developed to mimic critical industrial equipment & processes.


DEVelopers COMmunity is a ZNEXX training platform for capacity development.

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